Managing Change in Urbanizing Regions

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Chreod is a consulting and research firm that supports decision-making on the sustainable development of cities and urbanizing regions. Established in 1985, we work in Canada and internationally with governments, development agencies, research organizations, associations, companies, and public-private partnerships.

We support efforts to realize benefits of urban and regional development that are economically, environmentally, socially, culturally, financially and institutionally sustainable.

Most of our experience has been in supporting the development of cities and systems of cities. We have worked in more than 110 cities in North America and Asia: 67 of them are metropolitan regions with populations ranging from 1 million to 20 million residents.

In Canada, Chreod has provided services to federal, provincial and local governments, associations, and Canadian and international companies and investors. Internationally, Chreod began working in the US in 1987, and then in China in 1988. We have since supported our clients across China and in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka.