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Selected Projects: Programs and Plans

Shenzhen Coastal Management Program, China  
Shenzhen Municipal Government

The Shenzhen Municipal Government retained Chreod to prepare: a development and management program for Shenzhen’s 260 km coastline; development plans for the western coastline focusing on transport connections between Hongkong and mainland China and, for the eastern coastline, on conservation and cultural heritage protection; and master planning of five strategic areas including Shenzhen Bay for which Chreod proposed cross-border transport alternatives, and a reconstructed wetland north of the airport.


TEDA Investment Promotion and Marketing Program, China  
Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area Administration/CIDA INC

This assignment reassessed the comparative advantages of the TEDA zone, established in 1984, and refined economic, foreign investment, and urban development strategies to enhance the zone’s international competitiveness.  Chreod prepared an international marketing program focused on improved branding, and identified essential capital projects required to improve TEDA’s attraction to foreign investors, including a power plant, water treatment plant, and a transit line connecting the zone to Tianjin.  All projects were subsequently built.


Shanghai Urban Environment Project (APL)  
World Bank/Shanghai Municipal Government

The Shanghai Municipal Government requested support from the World Bank for an eight-year Adaptable Program Loan Project on environmental management, urban upgrading, and infrastructure finance. The World Bank retained Chreod to assist SMG in preparing its Development Program as the foundation for the APL, and in programming two innovative infrastructure financing elements – a 15- to 20-year enterprise bond with project financing characteristics, and a pooled investment fund for financing capital investments in suburban environmental infrastructure.


Programming of Karachi Mega City Project, Pakistan  
Asian Development Bank

Chreod conducted a short-term ADB consultancy, followed by participation in the ADB Fact-Finding Mission, for the proposed Karachi Mega-City infrastructure loan. The firm conducted a detailed analysis of the rationale and major features for a specialized financing facility to attract alternative non-government forms of investment to finance urban environmental and other urban infrastructure projects in Karachi, and to act as a catalyst for economic reform and capacity building in the metropolitan region’s urban infrastructure sectors.


Assessment of Water-Supply Program Options for Dhaka, Bangladesh  
KPMG/Bearing Point

Under a long-term CIDA project with the Government of Bangladesh, managed by KPMG/Bearing Point, Chreod was retained to prepare and test a Strategic Benefit-Cost (BCA) Framework for a proposed major water-quality improvement program for Greater Dhaka. The assignment consisted of preparing the BCA framework, applying it to several water services delivery options, and extensive training of local government personnel in BCA and its potential applications to other infrastructure and development sectors in Dhaka.


Design of Pearl River Delta Management Decision Support System  
ESRI Canada Ltd.

The Guangdong Provincial Government completely updated its Pearl River Delta Development Strategy in September 2004.  Chreod was part of a Canadian consortium (with ESRI Canada Ltd.) retained by Guangdong to design and test a GIS-based Decision Support System (DSS) that will enable the provincial government to monitor urban growth trends, assess compliance of municipal and sub-municipal development plans, and better regulate land uses that pollute coastal waters in the South China Sea.