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Selected Projects: Project Preparation


Wenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction Project PDF
World Bank

The 8.0 Richter earthquake that centered on China’s Wenchuan County on May 12, 2008 left almost 90,000 people dead and more than 5 million homeless. The World Bank Group retained Chreod several times to assist in the reconstruction effort.  We prepared a Policy Note to State Council on guidelines for urban and town planning for reconstruction; conducted a baseline analysis of socio-economic conditions prior to the earthquake; and conducted the economic analysis for a proposed $700 million Loan. Our latest assignment is to review the transition efforts of the government, and the developmental impacts of reconstruction efforts.


Gansu Heritage and Infrastructure Management Project PDF
Gansu Provincial Government

The Gansu Provincial Government proposed a project to the World Bank to promote sustainable local tourism development at 14 high-priority cultural heritage sites along the Silk Road. The government retained Chreod to: provide a strategic assessment of the developmental impacts of the overall project on Gansu; assist the 13 local Gansu proponents to complete preparation of their sub-projects to meet Bank standards (technical, financial, economic, safeguards, institutional); and advise the Gansu PG on organizational and implementation issues prior to World Bank Appraisal.


Preparation of Shanghai District Financing Vehicle
Shanghai Chengtou Corporation

Chreod was retained by the Shanghai Chengtou Corporation, Shanghai’s urban development and infrastructure investment company, to design a revolving investment fund for environmental infrastructure in suburban areas of Shanghai. Chreod fully prepared this US $30 million component of the second phase of the World Bank’s Shanghai Urban Environment Project Adaptable Program Loan (APL). A subsidiary of Shanghai Chengtou was subsequently formed and capitalized to invest in an initial portfolio of four wastewater and solid-waste projects in suburban districts. An additional $30 million was allocated to the fund in Phase 2 of the APL.


Preparation of Yunnan Agricultural Industries Project
Landcare Consultants/ADB

Continuing its association with Landcare of New Zealand on work in Yunnan Province, Chreod provided the services of its Principal Economist as Team Leader for preparation of a  Technical Assistance assignment for the Asian Development Bank and the Yunnan Provincial Government. The assignment involved assessing the technical, environmental, financial, and market feasibility of 10 proposed investments in agro/food processing across Yunnan in western China.


Preparation of Qingdao Urban Rehabilitation Project
Commonwealth Historic Resource Management Ltd./Qingdao Municipal Government

Chreod was part of a consortium of Canadian firms that conducted a detailed technical, economic, financial and market feasibility study for the comprehensive restoration and rehabilitation of the Zhongshan Road neighbourhood in the center of Qingdao, one of China’s historic treaty-port cities. The municipality wished to explore the potential for preserving the neighbourhood in a cost-effective manner. Chreod conducted all of the economic and financial analysis for the project, including detailed cost estimates, calculation of the financial internal rate of return, and preparation of a financing program.


Appraisal of China Southwestern Poverty Alleviation Project
World Bank

Chreod was retained by the World Bank’s Agriculture Operations Division, China Department, to assess trends and carrying capacities of cities in Guangxi Province to accommodate large rural-urban migrations associated with a contemplated US $250 million integrated development project in one of China’s poorest provinces. Chreod reviewed underlying development trends and conditions, and assessed project proposals in Nanning, Beihai, and Fangchenggang, addressing employment generation, labour-support services, and migrant-worker housing.